Beaver Creek Township

Registration Deadlines

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        Absentee ballots available January 25, 2020

                                         Absentee ballots available June 20, 2020

 Absentee ballots available September 19, 2020


Public Accuracy Testing of election equipment and programs for BEAVER CREEK TOWNSHIP will be July 21, 2020 @ 10:00 AM



Section 57 of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, MCL 169.257, prohibits the use of township property to expressly advocate voting for or against a candidate or ballot question.

This means that a township cannot allow unattended materials that expressly adovcate voting for or against a candidate or ballot question anywhere on township property on any day, except election day. This includes vehicles with campaign signs.

On election day, Michigan Election Law prohibits campaign materials and campaigning within 100 feet of the entrance to any polling place (MCLs 168.931). This Board may direct removal of UNATTENDED campaign signs shall be limited to not more than 2 signs for each candidate or ballot issue. Also campaign signs cannot be placed on township property until 6 am on election day.

An employee running for public office, cannot campaign on township property.

Results for August 4, 2020 Primary Election:
Total Scanned: 614
Total voters: 614
US Senator (DEM) (1)
Gary Peters 116
Rep in Congress 1st District (DEM) (1)
Dana Ferguson: 61
Linda O' Dell: 47
Rep in State Legislature 103rd District (DEM) (1)
Zach Larson: 108
Write in: 1
County Prosecuting Attorney (DEM) (1)
Write in: 19
County Sheriff (DEM) (1)
Write in: 22
County Clerk/Register of Deeds (DEM) (1)
Write in: 22
County Treasurer (DEM) (1)
Write in: 23
County Road Commissioner (DEM) (1)
Write in: 23
County Commissioner 2nd District (DEM) (1)
Write in: 18
Beaver Creek Township Supervisor (DEM) (1)
Write in: 21
Beaver Creek Township Clerk (DEM) (1)
Write in: 17
Beaver Creek Township Treasurer (DEM) (1)
Write in: 20
Beaver Creek Township Trustee (DEM) (2)
Write in: 21
Beaver Creek Precinct Delegate (DEM) (2)
Write in: 23
US Senator (REP) (1)
John James: 405
Write in: 3
Rep in Congress 1st District (REP) (1)
Jack Bergman: 410
Write in: 3
Rep in State Legislature 103rd District (REP) (1)
Daire Rendon: 245
Gary F. Stefanko: 183
Write in: 2

County Prosecuting Attorney (REP) (1)
Sierra R Koch: 389
Write in: 4
County Sheriff (REP) (1)
Shawn M. Kraycs: 418
Write in: 2
County Clerk/Register of Deeds (REP) (1)
Sandra Moore: 312
Mary Stewart-Green: 144
Write in: 1
County Treasurer (REP) (1)
Kate Wagner: 388
Write in: 2
County Road Commissioner (REP) (2)
Chris Jones: 241
Ronald Larson: 295
Write In: 2

County Commissioner 2nd District (REP) (1)
Sharon Priebe: 384
Write in: 4

Beaver Creek Township Supervisor (REP) (1)
Dan Bonamie: 247
Kim VanNuck: 211

Beaver Creek Township Clerk (REP) (1)
Sandy R. Beaudet: 272
Melissa Lobsinger: 165
Write in: 1

Beaver Creek Township Treasurer (REP) (1)
Max Meisner: 368 
Write in: 12

Beaver Creek Township Trustee (REP) (1)
Kathleen Baker: 131
Deb Helsel: 151
James R. MIller: 120
Lee Riley: 227
Douglas Yanniello: 182

Beaver Creek Precinct Delegate (REP) (5)
Carol Raybuck: 352
Write in: 6

Crawford County Library Millage Proposal (1)
Yes: 299
No: 238

Crawford County Transportation Authority Millage Renewal Proposal 2020 (1)
Yes: 311
No: 224

Crawford AuSable School District Operating Millage Renewal Proposal (1)
Yes: 272
No: 168


Results for March 10, 2020 Election President (Dem) Biden: 125 Sanders: 42 Bennet: 1 Bloomberg: 10
Buttigieg: 3

Delaney: 1 Gabbard: 1 Klobuchar: 2 Warren: 2 Uncommitted: 3

President (Rep) Trump: 251 SanfordL 2 Uncommitted: 6

Commission on Aging Facility Bond Proposal Yes: 260 No: 194

Roscommon area Public Schools Operating Millage Proposal (1) Yes: 56 No: 34

I.  C.O.O.R. Intermediate School District Proposal 
Yes: 237
No: 212

II. C.O.O.R Intermediate School District Proposal
Yes: 229
No: 205


Polls are open 7 am to 8 pm. Township offices will be open on the Saturday before each election, from 8 am to 4 pm. 

You no longer need a reason to vote absentee. The clerk's office maintains a "Permanent Absent Voter" list of voters who wish to be sent an absentee voter ballot APPLICATION prior to each election. If you are not on the list, there is a form on the website for you to fill out and return to us.

You can register to vote up to 15 days before an election at our township office, a Branch Office or Public Assistance Agency, or by mailing in your registration to our office. After that, you can register to vote IN PERSON at our township offices until 8 pm on the day of the election, with residency verification, and vote at that time.