Beaver Creek Township

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Election Results
Beaver Creek Township
November 6, 2018
Total Voters: 830
Governor (R):469 Bill Schuette 
Governor (D):315 Gretchen Whitmer 
Secretary of State: (R): 478 Mary Treder Lang
Secretary of State: (D): 279 Jocelyn Benson
Attorney General: (R): 491 Tom Leoard
Attorney General: (D): 250 Dana Nessel
United States Senator (R): 500 John James
United States Senator (D): 296 Debbie Stabenow 
Representative in Congress1st District: (R): 518 Jack Bergman
Representative in Congress 1st District: (D): 286 Matthew W. Morgan
State Senator 35th District (R): 490 Curt VanderWall
State Sentator 35th District (D): 264 Mike Taillard 
State Rep 103rd (R): 479 Daire Rendon
State Rep 103rd (D): 294 Tim Schailberger
State Proposal (1): Yes: 423, No: 391
State Proposal (2): Yes: 404, No: 381
State Proposal (3): Yes: 446, No: 336
Police Protection Millage Renewal: Yes: 476, No: 299
Police Protection Millage: Yes: 404, No: 371
Recreation Millage Proposal: Yes: 306, No: 469
Crawford AuSable Proposal: Yes: 361, No: 258
Roscommon School Proposal: Yes: 83, No: 71