Beaver Creek Township
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Special recycling trailers are stationed at the Beaver Creek Township Transfer Site. Recycled materials collected are transported to the Grayling Township Recycling Center through a cooperative agreement with the Grayling County Recycling Program. All materials collected are shipped directly to manufacturers who will make new products. None of the recycled material will go into the landfill or be transported by a waste hauling company. Recycle your reusable household waste and join the push to protect the environment of Crawford County.

Residents of Crawford County may also drop off recyclable materials at the Grayling Township Recycling Center, 4670 West North Down River Road next to the I-75 interchange, during normal operating hours, with no stickers required.


Newspapers and inserts, magazines, catalogs, phone books, TV Guides, Reader's Digest, computer paper, office paper, coupons, junk mail, envelopes (No carbon paper)

Cardboard - corrugated, pizza boxes, paperboard, cereal boxes (remove inserts--No styrofoam or wax paper), flatten when possible.

Plastic #1- clear bottles & jugs--rinse & discard caps (no deli or other containers)

Plastic #2 - colored jugs--beverage, detergent, bleach, etc.--rinse & discard caps & rings

NO hazardous material jugs: oil, anti-freeze, gas, poisons, or anything that has a skull & crossbones emblem on it.

Tin cans, aluminum cans - rinse, remove ends if possible, flatten if possible (No aerosol or hazardous material cans.)