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Fire Chief Doug Bourgeois

Chief Bourgeois started his career in the fire service 21 years ago with the Highland Township Fire Department, a paid on call fire department, that responds to approximately 1350 runs per year.  Besides daily fire suppression operations, he worked in safety inspection for 8 years then promoted to Fire Marshal for the past 9 years.  Chief Bourgeois have been involved in firefighter training for 9 years and a course manager and instructor for the Firefighter 1&2 class for the past 4 years.  He has also been a station officer for 9 years.  He has attended the National Fire Academy in Emmetsburg, Maryland for national level training in Firefighter Safety, Fire Inspection, Emergency Management and Executive Officer/Leadership.  Chief Bourgeois possesses Certifications in: Firefighter 1&2, EMT-B, Fire Officer 1,2 and 3, Fire Inspector 1, Fire Instructor 2, Fire Plans Examiner 1, VFIS Drivers Training Instructor, Hazmat Operations, Executive Fire Officer, University of Maryland Staff & Command, Incident Safety Officer.  He graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and minor in Criminal Justice.  He is engaged and has 2 boys.  The oldest is serving in the Army and youngest is a junior in High school focusing in Nursing.   He has been involved in the martial arts for over 40 years and is a sixth degree black belt in TaeKwon Do.

Capt. Robbin Meyer


Captain Meyer started his firefighting career in 1982.  He got his EMT-B certification in 1986.  Captain Meyer has worked for the Department of Homeland Security and F.E.M.A. since 2005.  He has been the past chief of South Branch Twp. Fire & EMS.  Captain Meyers has also obtained the rank of Captain with South Branch, LT 1 with Home Land Security and LT civil air patrol (air force) medical commander of a wing MI63.  Captain Meyer is certified as a wild land fire fighter MIDNR 18 plus a summer temp fire officer for 3 years.  He is a father of 5 and has lived in Roscommon for 40 years Robbin is highly dedicated to the people he serves.

Lieutenant Bill Miller

Lieutenant Miller started his Fire Fighting career in 1977 when he joined the U.S. Army and was stationed at Ft. Riley Kansas.  He joined the National Guard in 1981 and was happy to be stationed at Grayling.  Lt. Miller joined the Beaver Creek Fire Dept. in 1984 as a Paid on Call Firefighter and became full time in 1989.  He was deployed to Iraq in 2003/4 as a SSG Firefighter in Mosul.  Lt. Miller has training in Firefighter 1&2, Confined Space Rescue, APR & AED certifications, Pipeline Emergency Response, Hazmat First Responder.  He has lived in Beaver Creek for over 40 years and is married with 2 daughters and 8 grand children.

Lt. Bill (Alvin) Morrow


Lieutenant Morrow became a part of the Beaver Creek Fire Department in 2009 as a paid on call Firefighter and became a full-time Firefighter in 2013.  Lt. Morrow has been in charge of administrative work including payroll, working with vendors and Vehicle/building/equipment records.  He also maintains our vehicles and equipment.  Bill has been involved in Public Relations with MMR, DNR, State park activities, city parades and other public activities.  Bill graduated from Harrison High School and has lived in Beaver Creek for over 10 years.   He is married with 4 children.  Lt. Morrows certifications include: Firefighter 1&2, Incident Safety Officer, HAZMAT Operations, Driver Training-2011/2015, Liquid Propane Gas Emergencies, Wild land Urban Interface, Advanced Vehicle Stabilization, Vehicle Extrication, Fire Wise Inspection Training, Confined Space Rescue Training